Friday, November 11, 2016

University Library’s Science Fiction collection explored by visiting fellowship recipient

The University Library is pleased to support visiting CAUL/ASA (Council of Australian University Librarians/Australian Society of Authors) Fellowship recipient, Dr Jessie Lymn, from the School of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University.

Jessie will have access to our unique Science Fiction collection as part her research project on the history of Australian fanzines.

The fellowship is sponsored by CAUL and ASA as part of an effort to explore the richness of special collections at University Libraries and encourage creative engagement by the Australian writing community.

The University Library has an internationally renowned Science Fiction collection which includes rare fanzines. Jessie’s resulting work will improve scholarly understanding and awareness of our collection when published in various journals and an upcoming book on fanzines.

“I am excited by the depth and breadth of the collection. It will give great insight into the materiality and practices of fanzine culture and highlight the importance of their preservation” Jessie said.

Dr Jessie Lymn (middle) explores our collection of Sci Fi fanzines with Library staff, Ross O’Neil (left) and Sharon Beccaria (right).

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