Monday, February 3, 2014

Knowledge Unlatched

In the principle of support for open scholarship, the Library has committed to participate in the Knowledge Unlatched Pilot Collection of Open Access e-books. This collection includes 28 new titles published by internationally recognised academic publishers.
If at least 200 libraries from around the world agree to support the Pilot Collection by Feb 28th 2014, publishers will be paid a pre-agreed fee in return for making the books available on a Creative Commons licence via OAPEN and HathiTrust as a fully downloadable PDF immediately upon publication. This target was reached at the end of January, including over 20 academic libraries within Australia and New Zealand.
Knowledge Unlatched is an international initiative to aid libraries worldwide in sharing and minimising the costs of providing open access to scholarly titles. One of its aims is to enable Humanities and Social Sciences “long-form” publications to become as accessible as open access science journals. More information about Knowledge Unlatched is available at

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