Friday, October 5, 2012

National Year of Reading 2012 - Semester Two

There is still time to get involved in the National Year of Reading 2012. Join our online book club, and be part of an Australia-wide book reading experience and explore different aspects of what it means to be Australian.

During second semester we are reading:
  • Time's Long Ruin – a novel about friendship, love and loss which is based loosely on the disappearance of the Beaumont children from Glenelg beach on Australia Day, 1966. Available from the Library in print and as an e-book. 
  • Jasper Jones - a riveting tale about a bookish adolescent who is drawn into events surrounding the grim disappearance of a local girl. Available from the Library in print, as an e-book and a CD recording
  • Wanting - based on real historical figures under the central theme of 'wanting'. The novel is set in both nineteenth century Tasmania and Britain. Available from the Library in print.
  • The idea of home – a series of related essays of an autobiographical nature, spanning the author’s life from childhood to maturity. Available from the Library in print.
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