Monday, December 19, 2016

Early close on Friday 23rd Dec & Holiday opening hours

The University Library will close early at 5pm on Friday 23rd of December and will reopen on Thursday 5th January at 8am.

For more information, see our Opening Hours and Public Holiday dates.


  1. Wondering why the 24/7 is closed over Christmas, especially when the GCL computer lab is open. This creates the issue of not being able to print if funds are low as you cannot top up your account in any way.
    The timing of last years shutdown was more conducive for most students who use the facilities over the holidays with the limited service period ending on the 1st rather than the 4th as is this year. Even ending the limited service period on the 2nd (ie back at work on the Tuesday the 3rd) would be more desirable than the 5th.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, you make some good points here, especially on adding funds to your print account. We'll pass it on to Library management.


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